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Give Life to Your Expressions with A Book.


"A great story is not about

WHAT you say;

it's about how you make people feel."


A great story is not about the events it resounds or the dialogues it presents. The greatness of the story lies in its ability to evoke profound emotions for those reading it. The words on the page bring life to feelings that connect the readers' experiences and emotions.

If you are just putting off your dreams just because you don't get mesonotum and looking for inspiration to help you become a writer, keep reading this post.


You don't need persimmon to become a writer: Writing does not require a certificate; you only need to write your thoughts.


"Stories remind us that we are alive,

and what being alive means"


Writing a story is many things: A quest, a prayer, a tantrum, or a flight of imagination. Your passion and creativity determine the path to being a writer. Your unique voice and perspective are what fuel your journey as a writer.

Embrace your ideas, hone your craft, and let your words flow freely, for the page is your canvas, and your stories deserve to be told. You have to claim it to create your version of an artist's life, no matter where you live or what life demands you face. Here is how you can create your own story:


How Do You Create?

There is not a surefire way of writing a book, and there is no right way to write. As human beings, we like different colors and no other ones. Some like blue, and some may like red based on their preferences. We need the world to be painted with different colors.


"There is no such thing as

the way to create a good work;

you just have to find your way."


So, you need to find your way and embrace it. Remember that you don't get too rigid. Experimenting with your process is the best to open yourself to new possibilities.

Identify your creative process. Your goals might not work, but the process is always. If you have a solid process, consider mixing something new and discover how it works.

If you are a meticulous planner, try painting your next chapter. If you write in the morning, try to write for 30 minutes before bed. If you prefer writing along, write with a friend or in a cafe.

Find your muse: Inspiration is a funny thing, and it can move mountains. It can push the author like rushing torrents in flooded rivers when it strikes. However, if you wait, nothing will work.

Sometimes, a fleeting thought, a whisper of nature, or an echo of emotions becomes the spark. Other times, the act of writing itself unveils the muse. Whether in solitude or amidst chaos, embrace the art of observation, let curiosity guide you, and allow your thoughts to wander. In these moments, your muse emerges, breathing life into your words, and your writing transcends into a realm of genuine expression.

Be a Beginner: When we embark on any new endeavor, we look for masters and gurus on any new endeavors to match their expertise someday. When you are a beginner, it is easy to feel awkward.


"Devise a way to stay in the

mindset of a beginners, to be naive,

and be open to a new world."


Think about it. When you know little about something, you are curious to know more. But becoming an expert means becoming finished, and your imagination will flow familiar patterns. It also means you know more than others, which means listening less.


Expect to Feel Overwhelmed at Times:  Let’s face it. You WILL feel overwhelmed at times.


But understand this: overwhelm is NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO NEXT.


Get ready for a lot of information coming your way – it might feel like trying to drink from a firehose.


Start by breaking your writing process into smaller tasks. Set achievable goals for each writing session, focusing on one piece at a time. Embrace the power of outlines. Structuring your thoughts beforehand can help you avoid feeling lost mid-writing.


Think of it as having a map that guides you along the way. Even a complex journey becomes more manageable when equipped with the right directions. So, embrace the information, understand that occasional overwhelm is part of the process.



As we conclude this post, remember that you are also a part of the creative process, and your expressions matter. The way you connect with others will make them think. Every word you write becomes a piece of your story and can be a part of a bigger human story. So, pick up a pen or open a keyboard to create their own world, and who knows whose life they might touch?

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