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An online book writing tool for writing, publishing and printing your life story or autobiography, for writers and non-writers alike.


Hello my name is Jerry  Anders, I  would like to tell you the reason I felt compelled to create our website, I have been a Financial Consultant in Florida for 30-plus years and have recently retired. If you are familiar with Florida, you'd be right in assuming that most of my clients were a bit older say, 55 to 98 years old. During those 30 years, I worked for and become friends with many interesting and wonderful people. Over the course of our relationships, many have told me about their lives and fascinating experiences. Also, many have expressed a desire to be able to pass on some of these stories and lessons to their children, grandchildren, and future generations. I would always try to encourage this, but, if I heard it once I heard it a dozen times " I just wouldn't know how to go about this, or, where would I start?". You probably see where I'm going with this... I decided there needs to be an easy-to-use tool that would not require a lot of technical skills to help with this task. So, over the course of the last couple of years as I prepared to retire from my financial career, I began working with talented website developers and technical type smart people to create "". If you are here now, I assume you are interested in writing a book. I invite you to review our site and watch the tutorial. I hope you get a chance to experience our site to help you with writing, proofreading, and printing your book. I wish you all the best and know it will be a meaningful and satisfying experience.